Treadmills find themselves at the heart of many fitness facilities

Because walking, jogging, and running are the most instinctive forms of movement for most people, treadmills find themselves at the heart of many fitness facilities and are widely used by exercisers of all fitness levels. Smooth, stable, and confident forward motion is natural so it only makes sense to workout on equipment that feels solid and natural.

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Designed for the natural tendencies of managers and exercisers

Cardio equipment of true value is designed for the natural tendencies of the people using it. It should give exercisers an easy learning curve and enjoyable workout. It should give managers reliability and straightforward maintenance. And it should give both satisfaction and confidence, naturally.

Decide which Intenza treadmill is right for you

Decide which Intenza treadmill is right for you – the award-winning e Series with its 15” touchscreen monitor and built-in Wifi or the intuitive i Series with its elegantly minimalist Uni-Dial Navigation control and USB connectivity. Both deliver users the same mind-opening workout experience and both deliver facility operators the same tech-driven, low-maintenance ownership experience.



The Entertainment Series (e Series) is a product line for today’s exerciser, delivering mental stimulation and distraction with television, movies, music and internet.

The 550Te merges stunning design and smart technology with the entertainment and performance features exercisers demand.

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Intenza’s Interactive Series (i Series) commercial cardio line is redefining the commercial fitness industry and the market’s perception of cardio workouts.

Ii ntenza’s 550Ti Treadmill is a natural step toward a better running experience.

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