Recumbent Bikes

Bikes are an important option for exercise facilities

Biking provides a no-impact workout powered by pedaling, a motion very familiar to many people, making it very easy to perform properly. Also, as our population ages, this form of exercise is an important option for exercise facilities to provide because of its low risk of strain or injury. Our commercial recumbent bikes are easy to understand, enjoyable to use, and appealing to look at.

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Step-through design

The recumbent’s step-through design creates a very low-profile seat and frame eliminating the need for exercisers to lift their legs when lowering into the seat. Ideal for those with limited mobility who still desire a cardio workout.

Comfortable biking

Recumbent bikes can be ideal for people who struggle with upright bikes. Those with lower back issues, neck pain, reduced neck mobility, or other physical limitations may find recumbent bikes to be a comfortable and sustainable way to maintain their cardio goals. This bike option can also place less stress on wrists and elbows.



With Intenza’s e Series line of fitness bikes, you get all the performance features of Intenza cardio equipment with the added benefit of touchscreen connectivity and self-diagnosing, WiFi-enabled, smart machines.

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The Intenza 550RBi is ergonomically designed for optimum comfort and stability, helping exercisers to stay on their bike and finish their workout.

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