Educated Manufacturing

Schools, Colleges and Universities are coming to the realisation that, in order to attract top students, athletes, and faculty they cannot rely on academic reputation alone. As prospective students become more mobile and more discerning than ever, education facilities need to offer increasingly impressive programs, dorm rooms, architecture, and amenities including, of course, recreational facilities.

At Intenza, stunning design merged with today’s technology connects tech-hungry students of all ages and workout levels with interactive racing, personalised playlists and USB enabled options.

Social responsibility and sustainability are as important to us as they are to your students. This is why all Intenza cardio equipment is green manufactured, for the health of the earth, in our eco-friendly facility. We even share energy with our neighboring businesses because our solar panels generate more power than we need and because we care about giving back to our communities and about people’s quality of life.

Visually, an Intenza suite of cardio machines creates a stunning visual impression for new recruits and provides a workout experience that promotes healthy habits to last a lifetime and keep our planet healthy too.