Green Manufacturing

Our Green Factory

We are committed to delivering the best product experience to you but not at the expense of the planet. Creating an economically clean manufacturing system that is enduring and sustainable is critical to delivering on that commitment.

Our factory in Tainan, Taiwan is as architecturally and environmentally groundbreaking as the cardio equipment it produces. Opened in 2013, our 100% energy efficient factory remains one-of-a-kind in the industry and operates on the same principals upon which it was conceived:




Here is how we’re setting new benchmarks for a better work experience, a better business experience, and a better workout experience – all while creating a better Earth.

foot ico Low Carbon Footprint

Our 14,000 m2 (150,000 square foot) facility produces one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry.

sun ico Solar Powerful

Nearly 2,000 pieces of solar panels power the entire facility generating enough power for neighbouring businesses.

cloud ico Water Saving

Rain from the roof goes to the factory’s retention pond to feed the sprinkler system and water the grounds. Even water from the powder-coating department is purified and recycled then also added to the pond.

climate ico Climate Control by Design

White exterior paint and the solar panels reflect the sun’s heat while high ceilings and minimal west-facing windows keep the inside temp naturally cool.

tree icon Future Growth

More than 200 trees were planted on the grounds of the factory. In the days and years ahead these trees will grow, sustain the environment, and contribute to a greener Earth.

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Our Green Products

Intenza applies the same values of sustainability, simplicity, and health to our products – changing the universe of exercise equipment forever. Our designs embody the clean, quiet, beautiful environment in which they’re built and assembled.

Stunning to look at, captivating to use, eco-friendly to own. Many are self-powered and designed to go on standby mode when not in use.


Most of our products feature a Standby Mode which greatly minimizes the energy consumed by the machines when not in use (Treadmills: 0.4W / Bikes/Elliptical Trainers: 0.25W).


When pedaling at more than 40RPM or striding at more than 40SPM, Intenza bikes and ellipticals go into ECO Mode meaning the equipment, the multimedia player, and the TV are powered solely by the user’s efforts. Available on the e Series.


We’ve created the most revolutionary and environmentally conscientious line of exercise equipment in the world not because it’s easy but because it’s right. Our customers, our employees, and our earth are the reasons we’re here. Our care for each is at the root of every product we make, every window we open, and every tree we plant.