Elliptical Trainers

Great option for gentler workouts

Elliptical trainers combine the movements of running and stair climbing but without the bodily impact. This makes the elliptical a great option for exercisers who want a gentler workout because of joint problems or pain.

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Full body workout

Moving handlebars add an upper body component while adjustable resistance & incline1 increases effort for a full body workout from a single machine – which makes it a feasible choice for exercisers who are pressed for time.


1 Available only in markets outside of the U.S.

Most popular exercise machines

Studies have found the benefits of an elliptical workout are comparable to those of a treadmill2 and both are two of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment at most facilities.


2 American Fitness, “Treadmills vs. Elliptical Trainers,” Jul/Aug2002, Vol. 20 Issue 4, p9.




A good elliptical should be solid, easy to operate, and feel natural to use. The 550ETe itself mimics the body’s natural movements smoothly and gracefully while keeping workouts fresh and exciting with a robust offering of custom programs. Connectivity with a variety of tablets and smartphones enables exercisers to listen to their own playlists or watch their favourite shows on the full colour touchscreen monitor. The only self-diagnosing machines on the market, an Intenza e Series machine reduces your workload by automatically sending alerts when service is needed so technicians get to work on the issue before you know there is one. Naturally, the 550ETe is a joy to use and own.


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The 550ETi features the proprietary Uni-Dial Navigation Control™. Exercisers simply turn and press a single dial to select workout programs, eliminating the confusion of multiple buttons. InZonetraining helps users achieve their fitness goals with a colour-coded light system. Immediate feedback lets users adjust their intensity accordingly to stay on track with their target heart rate zone.

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