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MYE Receiver Dock

Turn any i Series machine into an audio receiver for the ceiling or wall mounted TVs in your facility using this bracket to secure MYE audio receivers. Users simply select the desired TV and enjoy the audio from their favorite programs. Integrate your TVs and your Intenza i Series cardio machines with the MYE Audio Receivers and keep exercisers entertained during their fitness routines. (MYE Audio Receiver purchased separately).

Protective Floor Mats

Keep your facility looking its best. Protect your floor’s surface from liquid spills, dents, and scratches with our 3mm thick protective floor mats. When used under any e Series or i Series bikes, treadmills, or elliptical trainers this resilient PVC floor mats provide added noise suppression, slip resistance, and vibration reduction on carpet, tile, hardwood, and all other flooring materials.

Heart Rate Belt

The Intenza Heart Rate Belt provides comfortable, accurate heart rate monitoring. The Belt reads wearer’s heart beat then transmits heart signals to the HRM for display. Adaptive strap adjusts to accommodate various sizes of users. This 5.5 KHz heart rate requires one CR2032 battery for approximately 800 hours of use.