About Intenza Fitness


Noun: the provision of what is
necessary for the health, welfare,
maintenance, and protection of
someone or something.
Ex: “the care of the earth”

Verb: feel concern or interest; attach
importance to something.
Ex: "they care about all life"

Our Brand

At HealthStream, “care” is both a noun and a verb. Care is the engine that drives us. Care is what opens our doors – and keeps them open.

We have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and we have a deep understanding of its difficulties and challenges. Intenza looks for an opportunity to tackle these challenges and do it right for customers. It will require us to do things never before done in this industry. We’ve opened our doors to the competition, sharing our green manufacturing practices, because we care about the earth and sustaining it for future generations. We’ve opened the minds of the market by sharing our production practices, quality inspections, part traceability, and assembly processes. We’ve opened the eyes of the fitness world by pioneering a new age in equipment manufacturing.

We share energy with neighbouring businesses because our solar panels generate more than we need and because we care about giving back to our communities. Our factory is awash with natural sunlight and fresh breezes, while the many automated processes keep employees safe and energised because we care about our people’s quality of life.

Intenza Fitness cardio equipment perfects artistry and engineering – evoking images of powerful, purring luxury vehicles. Striking exteriors include brilliant touchscreen displays and gleaming aluminum surfaces. Underneath, are robust steel frameworks and motors, engineered to give users a sense of confidence and well-being during their workouts. Born from all that inspires us and bred for lasting beauty and performance, Intenza Fitness is fitness evolved.

We strive to bring value, to pioneer change, and nurture innovation and we strive to do so in thoughtful, kind and, hopefully, inspiring ways.

"We will continue with our commitment to strive for breakthroughs and create value through innovation to remain responsible citizens of our community."

Mark Chang / President, HealthStream Taiwan

Our Core Values

The Intenza Fitness brand is the culmination of HealthStream’s four core values:

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  • Leadership

    From design and manufacturing to user experience to our partners’ success to protecting our shared earth – we have created our own path and will continue leading by example. Industry leaders choose to partner with us because we consider the future in all we do.

  • Lifestyle

    Quality of life and health is paramount. Our collective knowledge and forward thinking give exercisers an experience transcending anything available from any other manufacturer. Intenza is comfort and style born from the beauty of simplicity. We engineer function and aesthetic into every piece of equipment we make.

  • Partnership

    Your complete satisfaction is our motivation therefore partnerships with distributors, facility owners, and our own employees are built mindfully, purposefully and, as in all we do, with care. To see our global presence, click here.

  • Responsibility

    We strive to be exemplary citizens both corporately and globally. Our eco-friendly equipment is meticulously manufactured with care and pride in a facility designed with the smallest carbon footprint of any equipment maker. We welcome you to our facility, click here for a tour.