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We are Intenza.

More than just a name or logo, Intenza is a place in the heart where our stakeholders and users meet to tell our brand’s story. Intenza is memorable.   We embody authenticity, values and humanity.

The very essence of Intenza is mindfulness, a belief that embodies authenticity, audacity and wellbeing.   It’s compelling yet subtle, decisive yet profound, and that’s how fitness should feel.


Our Core Values.

  • Design.

    Our success results from exploring new methods and ideas beyond conventional boundaries.   Driven by innovation and inspired by technology, we design products that illustrate how our philosophy and DNA is applied to every step of the process.   We create our own path with passion, and insight, to design exceptional, sustainable products.

  • Partnership.

    People are our most valuable asset and we build relationships based on shared values and people—centric strategies.   As one team, we proudly work together across countries, across time zones and across boundaries.   Our colleagues, our partners, our users.   This is the Intenza global community.

  • Excellence.

    Our unique approach to design drives us to think in terms of experiences and we use these stories to craft our products.   We place human perception foremost when it comes to aesthetics.   We embrace every possibility to ensure the best user experience.   Intenza products are made without compromise.   No detail is too small and no process is too much when it comes to achieving excellence.

  • Heritage.

    Our history paints a portrait of a brand that appreciates the value of tradition and how it can keep us grounded while propelling us forward.   Our heritage is built from the ground up.   We maintain stability and strength by staying faithful to our foundations.   We aspire to infuse sustainability across our brand in support of our commitment to conduct business with integrity.   These principles will increase the value we provide to our communities and together we are building a legacy made to last.



Pure Intenza

See how Intenza has blended revolutionary designed exercise equipment with environmental sustainability.


Escalate 550Ce2 Stairclimber




Proactive Service.  Proactive Solutions.

We have global providers to support your location.

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